High Rise Advantages

In this section, you’ll learn about the advantages to vertical living, what differences there will be as compared to life in a single-family home in Las Vegas, the names of projects under construction and other considerations when buying a high rise condo.

Reasons to Live on the Strip

It can be exciting and a lot of fun, especially in Las Vegas, to live on the Strip or in close proximity. People who love the high rise lifestyle often cite these reasons for their choice:

  • Walking to work can be a huge benefit. Imagine freeing up at least 45 minutes (or more) each day that you would otherwise spend in traffic. It’s also a “Green” solution.
  • It’s convenient, especially if you’re living alone or as a couple. Many high rise and mid rise developments include shopping within the property or nearby. You can do numerous errands in a short time and not worry about parking.
  • Road warrior schedules are easier to manage living in a high rise. No worrying about lawn care, security, or mail pick up. Just close the door and leave. Some even hail a cab to McCarran International Airport, a short distance from the Strip or downtown.
  • The nightlife of Las Vegas is nearby; eating, entertainment, gaming, and shopping will be within a few minutes walk.
  • You’ll have access to amenities within the building – a gym or club, a swimming pool, meeting facilities and, in some cases, room service.

Researching Properties

Your Realtor will be invaluable when it comes to ensuring that you thoroughly check each high rise building developer you’re thinking about. Consider any other buildings that the developer has finished, the builder’s track record with on-time completion, and whether or not there’s a marketing team representing the building that can answer your questions in a timely manner. It also would be good to find out if the property is properly financed and/or if the development has any bank-mandated sale requirements that it must meet before financing is fully approved and funded.

High Rise Lifestyle

While new single-family homes in the suburbs still represent the largest segment of the market in Las Vegas, many others seek out condominiums, townhomes or high rises throughout the city. Should you find yourself in a new phase of your life, vertical living options may suit you,. You’ll find that you no longer have yard maintenance tasks and your workplace will be in close proximity.

Part of the lifestyle in a high rise includes taking advantage of a rich mix of amenities that are available on site. These can include concierge and room service, housekeeping, high-level security, fitness centers, upscale restaurants, conference facilities, and movie and game rooms. Make sure you find out if there are any additional usage charges for these amenities.

Keep in Mind

When looking at properties, ask about the finishes and upgrades available, as they can differ among builders. You want to avoid surprises on your move-in date. Consider asking these questions: Are appliances included? Are upgrades available? If so, what are the additional costs associated with those upgrades and how long do you have to make your selections?

The preliminary phase is the best time to determine what each property offers. Compare each of the properties you’re interested in and see how they differ. After reviewing a list of properties that interest you, develop new questions that have emerged in order to continue clarifying the process.